Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Azaleas

I love my azaleas. I love the blooms and I love how they have stayed small in my large bed. I have one white one and one light pink one. Each is in a corner between the sidewalks. But the fact that they stay so small sometimes makes me wonder if I am doing something wrong.

I know that they have a different level of acidity that they prefer in the soil. I have never tested my soil, nor added anything other than fresh layers of Miracle Gro soil and mulch over the fall leaves that naturally cover the ground. But every year, they bloom. They may not always be quite as spectacular as these photographs, but they are still beautiful. They compliment the bulbs that are finishing up and put color in the corners before being overwhelmed by the daisies and coneflowers.

Their cousin is the rhododendron. Those also have beautiful flowers, but they grow way too large for my taste. What I like about the azaleas is to be able to have similar flowers on a much smaller and much more manageable scale.


  1. I finally yanked the big hedge under my living room window and will need something to fill in that spot (after the window is replaced in a couple of weeks). Someone said they though azaleas would be nice there. Hmm ...

  2. Beautiful! You must be really good with plants. Anything I touch usually dies.


  3. Very pretty! We just put some Azaleas in our yard. Hopefully they will survive the brutally hot Texas weather. (fingers crossed).

    I am also participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Have a great week!