Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gardening A to Z: C is for Coleus

Coleus is that beautiful plant that is colorful leaves. If you let it grow long enough, it will grow this weird purple flower on the top if it. But you want to pinch that off. The leaves are what this annual plant is used for.

Available colors make for absolutely stunning accents. I once had a shaded flower bed that ran along the side of my shed. I used a variety of coleus plants in between impatiens and New Guinea impatiens for contrast and color. It was one of my favorite beds. At this house, the coleus doesn't work as well in the beds. They are too large and get too much sun, or something. Instead, I prefer to use them in pots.

The nice thing is that with the variety of color, the possibilities are almost endless. Come up with a color theme for your pot, and accent the leaves with flowers in a corresponding color. Or, use opposite colors for a fun contrast. Sometimes I just create a pot of coleus that has similar colors, but different leaf shapes and textures. Just remember to always check the light preference of each plant. Coleus can stand some sun, but definitely not full sun. I usually have mine in the north bed or in the partial shade of my front porch steps.

Where do you like to plant your coleus? What is your favorite color combination?

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  1. What a beautiful plant! I love the texture and contrast.