Thursday, December 10, 2009

First major snowfall of the season

Well, today we had the first major snowfall of the season. I've been completely lazy about taking care of plants and pots and what-not, and will now probably regret it. I did manage to rescue two of the houseplants that were still hanging on, outside in the driveway, and put them in the garage. But I'm sure now I have lost the roses that never made it into the ground last year, nor this year. I may have one or two other houseplants that are now buried.

I'm hoping the new raspberry bushes make it through the winter. The ones that I have planted in pots in previous years have pretty much done okay, but those are nestled along the house. I don't have any more space to do that with the new ones from along the driveway. I'm contemplating moving them near the garage, instead.

We'll see how motivated I feel to work in the frigid cold this weekend. The wind is too strong tonight to even think about it! :-)