Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gardening A to Z: T is for Tickseed

Tickseed is another name for what I have always called coreopsis. I actually prefer the name coreopsis. Tickseed just sounds like it is crawling with bugs. Also, the golden retriever that was the school pet when I was a kid was named Coreopsis and we called her Corey for short. She was my first dog.

The kind that I have that does the best is of the larger yellow variety. It seems to be the hardiest of the ones available around here. Here is mine from last summer, poking up through my Japanese maple.

Photo copyright Andrea Coventry

There is a more delicate variety in a softer yellow, known as moonbeam. The leaves are also more threadlike. My father had a lot of it in his yard. I have also seen it in pink and ruby red. The ruby red is supposed to be the most delicate, I think. It needs more protection than I have been able to give it in our harsh Upstate winters.

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