Sunday, February 27, 2011

Signs of Spring....Really, it's coming!

This has been a long winter. While it hasn't been the worst winter I've ever experienced, it still feels extremely long and I am beyond ready for digging my hands in the dirt. We keep getting teased, as it will get warm and there is a thaw. Recently, almost all of the snow melted, and I could see my grass. I wasn't wearing a coat, in Upstate NY, in February. And then, the next day, it was like a blizzard. I'm learning to go hiking in the snow, but I want my garden. I want my flowers. I want the small of mulch and to have to take two showers a day because I'm so dirty.

Finally, the other day, the snow was almost gone. I started examining the gardens. And there it was. A hint of spring. The hyacinths are starting to poke through, already, in February.

Doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy and hopeful?

Nevermind that the next day, we were hit with yet another huge storm that dumped almost a foot of snow. A little bit of that melted away, and rumor has it we may be hitting the 50s this week. I'll be on the hunt again, soon.