Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gardening A to Z: S is for Sunflower

Every year I try to grow sunflowers in my yard. The location is sunny enough. My problem is just that the stupid birds usually feed on the seeds before they have much of a chance to grow. When I first started planting sunflowers in this corner of the yard, I actually would get a few to grow. The birds got smart.

Nevertheless, every year I buy a variety of seeds and plant them in vain, hoping that a few will take. I like to try different varieties in different colors. I am all for tradition, but like to step outside of the box in my yard. 

Until mine actually grow, I will continue to drive outside of the city limits to look at the fields of sunflowers in the suburbs. This photo isn't an actual photo of the field to which I am referring, but it gives you the gist. Perhaps this year I will remember to take a picture of it.

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