Monday, April 2, 2012

Gardening A to Z: B is for Beans

While I was being taunted by the warm weather in March, I started thinking ahead to my gardens. I started to dream about all of the vegetables I am going to grow. I have the same grandiose dreams every year of actually growing enough vegetables to feed myself through the entire summer. But it never works that way. First, I have a very small garden plot in which I can try to grow my veggies. Second, life often gets in the way. Nevertheless, I dutifully try every year to grow something edible.

The one thing I manage to grow with great success every year is beans. In the spirit of my mother, who grew and canned green beans every summer of my childhood, I successfully plant a semi-decent tiny crop of green beans every year. I have enough for my own dinner for a few weeks. Sometimes I even have a chance to share. I need to remember to plant more seeds every couple of weeks so that I can spread out the harvest.

A couple of years ago, I decided to also try to grow wax beans. I have no idea why they are called wax beans. They are yellow and essentially the same as the green beans. They have a slightly different taste, but are just as good steamed or in a salad as their green counterparts. They grow just as easily, too.

I already have several seed packets purchased. I love being able to buy them so cheaply before the season truly gets underway. I found great prices at Walmart and Dollar General. They are sitting by my back door, longing to be planted in the ground. Alas, it is approximately 30 degrees outside now, so it looks like I will need to wait for a while. Until then, I will dream of healthy, yummy eating.


  1. My dad has started his gardening... I always look forward to the green beans, my favorite!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~Ola (a to z challenge)

  2. This brought back fond memories of gardening with my grandma! One day I hope to start a little garden patch, too. :)

  3. Thank you for your kind comment, I replied on my blog but just wanted to say thank you and that if your friend has any questions about Norway, I'm happy to help :)

    I dream of growing my own vegetables too. I'd love to have a house with a sweet little vegetable patch in the back :) I'm following your lovely blog!

  4. I'm not a fan of canned green beans, but if they're fresh from the garden, mine don't even make it to the house. A quick wipe on my shirt and in the mouth they go!

    Stopping by from the A-Z Challenge, blogging at Ross County Roundup and Write, Wrong or Indifferent.

  5. I love beans--all sorts, all colors. Get out there and plant 'em.

  6. Beans grow well for me too. A couple of years ago, I decided to broaden my bean crop and planted kidney beans and pinto beans as well. They aslo did very well. Since my soil seems to support all those varieties, yours may too.