Saturday, April 30, 2011

N is for New Ideas

From where do you get your new ideas? I know some people like to do the same thing every year. They find an approach that works and they stick with it. I like to try something new each year.

So far, I haven't yet decided what that is going to be. I jumped the gun a bit and I bought a bunch of new varieties of tomato plants. I have been in Ohio as my father recovers from brain surgery. When I return to New York this weekend, I will be bringing home 16 new tomato plants. I know it is a little early to plant them at home, but that is what all of those old sheets are for! And I just cannot pass up new varieties of tomatoes to try.

But I feel like also trying something else. I just can't decide what that is going to be. I have toyed with the idea of planting potatoes in a giant trash barrel. I really, really, really want to try corn again, but those stupid raccoons will probably come back. I have a lot of new lilies that I bought, also. Most of them are bulbs, but I did also get three new plants. They will bloom way ahead of time this year, but that is okay.

I suppose that some of the new could simply be making new pots. I love to make new pots every year. I have a couple of perennial favorite ideas, but I never make the same one twice. I go to the greenhouses and load up the carts with grouped ideas. By the time I get home and unload, though, new ideas pop into my head. This is the creativity behind gardening that I adore so much.

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