Monday, April 25, 2011

L is for Lilacs

I live in Rochester, which is the lilac capital of the world. In fact, we annually host the world-renowned Lilac Festival every year. People come from afar to wander Highland Park to look at the beautiful blooms while listening to a variety of music and to purchase artisan goods.

(Photo by Shannon Pifko)

Alas, I am allergic to those beautiful blooms.

I love their smell. I love the way they look. I even have purple and white lilac bushes in my yard. But I cannot be around a lot of them without having a serious problem.

I remember sitting at one staff meeting where someone had brought in an entire bouquet. After about a half hour, I had to hang my head out the window. Another time, we were doing a scavenger hunt around the city and ended up running through Highland Park. I had my first attack that seemed like an asthma attack. I couldn't breathe and had to sit down to catch my breath, then get away from the blooms. Any time I am around several lilacs, I cough and can't breathe. It breaks my heart because they are so beautiful.


  1. Lilacs are my favorite fragrance. What's funny about it is that while I'm allergic to so many other things on the planet, lilacs are not one of those things – thankfully! Please find my A-Z Challenge here: