Sunday, May 22, 2011

Y is for Yarrow

The first time that I saw yarrow growing in my father's yard, I was confused as to why he would have a weed growing. The perennial yarrow plant closely resembles the weed commonly known as Queen Anne's Lace. I have always found Queen Anne's Lace to be beautiful but had never known my father to purposely include a weed in his garden.

Daddy quickly corrected me and commented that it was a different, yet similar-looking plant. That meant I had to be extra careful when trying to help him with weeding.

Dad always had the yellow variety of yarrow growing in his yard. I think it was his nod to our British heritage, as it is commonly seen in English gardens.

Photo by Evelyn Simak on Wikimedia Commons

It is not necessarily my favorite flower, but I will say that I find the pink variety somewhat attractive.

Photo by Matt Rogers on Wikimedia Commons

The white variety is pretty, but too closely resembles its weed counterpart.

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  1. Flowering weeds are mostly likely to attract butterflies and bees. GrandMa also loves to have them on her garden. She loves the interaction between butterflies and the flowers. When I was younger, I used to chase lovely butterflies around her garden. It is the sweetest memory I have! =)