Sunday, May 22, 2011

V is for Violets

How do you feel about violets in the yard? I get excited when I first see them, becaue I know that summer is actually coming. I saw my first violets in mid-April when I was out hiking in a local woods.

Image copyright Andrea Coventry

A little bit later, I started to see the violets in the lawn. This morning while I was out checking on the plants, I noticed a large clump in the front bed. I know many people think of them as weeds. But I find the purple color to be beautiful. And you can do so much with violets! I remember a friend of my mother's bringing us some violet jelly. It had a magenta color and was sweet, though not really fruity. I really liked it. My friend also said she makes violet-infused vinegar as well as some kind of marinade.

I have never gotten around to making any of these. Unfortunately, violets seem to peak when I am deep in the throes of parent-teacher conferences for the end of the year. By the time I know that I have time to collect and make something with the violets, they are gone. Perhaps one of these years?

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