Sunday, May 22, 2011

W is for Wisteria

Wisteria is one of the most beautiful late spring/early summer flowers I have ever seen. Ok, part of it is because I am a purple fiend. But it also has a pungent, relaxing, welcoming odor to add to its purple majesty.

Photo by Lenda Sar on SXC

My first up close and personal experience with wisteria was in a client's yard. She grew hers as a tree off the back porch. I have also seen it as a vine growing across people's balconies and store awnings.

I would love to plant it in my yard, but I have a couple of reservations. The first is that I fear having a problem with the smell. I love the smell, but I also love the smell of lilacs. Unfortunately, I have an allergy to lilacs. I am okay with the two small bushes in my own yard, but bring them in and my chest constricts and I wheeze.

My other concern is the number of bees I always see buzzing around them. I know that they aren't concerned with me, but they still make me nervous. I'll just continue to enjoy them from afar.

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