Monday, April 1, 2013

#AtoZChallenge Anticipating this year's garden

April is here again, which is a great time for me to dream of flower and plants via the A to Z Challenge. I think that is almost the only time of the year at which I update this blog. Thank you to those of you who stick it out and visit, anyway!

Upstate NY is yet again taunting us. Today is April Fool's Day. After a gorgeous weekend in which I was sitting outside writing, while starting to enjoy the spring blooms, Mother Nature's evil trick was to send us some more snow. 

Not funny.

I ran around on Saturday, in the glorious sunshine, taking pictures of some of my flowers. I love to do that, and to share them all online. I love flowers. I love photography.

Ahhhh, isn't that picture just the essence of springtime happiness? It evokes all kinds of thoughts of getting my hands dirty and creating new things of beauty and raising some of my own food to eat. To share Nature's bounty.

And then we get stupid snow. And rain. And wind. And cold. Even the flowers were huddling today.

I keep reminding myself that this is all a part of the cycle of the seasons. It is a necessary evil to achieve the beauty and bounty of summer. It just seems to take too long at times, especially when one is on Spring Break and is aching to get out there and get busy!

What are your plans for gardening this year?


  1. It's great seeing the sun for a change, but that arctic air can go. Thanks for sharing your flowers; have a great blog challenge and do stop by MROP - today I'm talking about Awareness. -Best, Belinda.

  2. It's funny how you are looking at coming into warm times and we are heading into cool ones. I'm getting ready for Autumn at the moment and of course winter.
    Ive just signed up as a new follower and am dropping by for my first visit. Good luck with the A-Z challenge and if you feel like dropping by to say G'day, please do.

  3. I can identify. We've been going back and forth between winter and spring here in Minnesota too. Rumor has it warmth returns in a few days, hopefully it's heading your way too.

  4. My gardening plans are on hold this year! We just moved and are building a house so there's no garden yet, just a dirt pile and a big hole!

  5. Such pretty spring flower photos. Love the crocuses er croceii, whatever you call em. Those cute purple flowers that are so hardy.

    I hear ya about spring. Here in Eastern Ontario, I have had more than enough of winter. It is still hanging around much to our dismay. Enough already.

  6. Gardening! I need to go get supplies for my garden. Can't wait to be outside during the summer.

  7. I live in Edmonton, ALberta and our snow is melting. I was busy cleaning up my front porch but didn't want to tempt fate by putting away the snow shovel!

    This year I'm going to focus on growing food. I love your flowers poking up, so pretty! I won't see any for a while yet!

  8. I'm itching to get out and start cleaning out the garden beds! Going to try some square foot gardening this year with veggies and herbs.

  9. Aw, the poor huddling flowers! Over here in Aus we are nearing the end of summer, and personally I can't wait. I am a winter girl. But we have very mild winters here!