Thursday, June 7, 2012

They're baaaaaaaaack! HELP!

I was sitting on my back steps yesterday when my neighbor decided to pop over for a few minutes. One of the things she had to tell me was that her grandson noticed that raccoons were hanging out in my driveway again the other night.


They are adorable creatures, but darn it! This is not fair. I am one of the few people working hard at growing her own vegetables in the neighborhood. I am trying to do a good thing. And these cute little monsters are threatening me again.

A couple of years ago, I was actually successful in growing corn. I had a row of cornstalks along my driveway. The night before they were ready to harvest, the bloody creatures stole all of the ears. Apparently they also know when corn is ready to harvest.

A bunch of us called the city about it, because it was a problem. Rumor has it there were up to 40 raccoons at any given time. They refused to help because "someone was feeding them."

Yeah, I planted the garden just to feed a bunch of raccoons.

So, if anyone has any recommendations about what to do, I am all ears. A fence is not an option. The only space I have left for veggie gardening is either in containers or in a small bed that runs along my driveway in back. To put up a fence requires money and permits and it's a small area, anyway. I have a small foot-high white fence more for aesthetics at the request of my neighbor on the other side of the driveway. I believe regulations state it can't be higher than 2 feet.


Photo by Jeff Jones on SXC

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  1. Hi Andrea, just stopping by early from the A-Z Challenge. I'm starting to read blogs now because I think there might be a lot this year.
    Love your blog
    We have possums here in Sydney, they are just as destructive as raccoons and just as cute.
    I'll try to put a photo on my blog of the measures that we take to stop possums from attacking our tomatoes and fruit trees. It involves pvc pipe tied to stakes and netting. Its temporary so maybe your city council wont have issues with it. Do raccoons have enemies? (apart from humans) maybe some bear droppings scattered around might help.