Friday, June 10, 2011

Lost and Found in the Dirt

I haven't had a chance to play in my own garden, yet. Dad got sick and went into the hospital in April. He just passed away on June 2nd. I feel like I have lost a lot of valuable time in my garden thus far. I know that I have missed my peonies and some roses. My trips home cost me glimpses of some tulips. But that is okay, because I found a new level of understanding with my father as I spent time with him in the end.

My father is mostly responsible for my love of gardening. I used to sit alongside him as he created his gardens at our house and store. I also helped Mom with her vegetable garden. I learned a lot by watching him and by discussing my own gardening adventures with him. Dad was always amazed at how much I would learn and then how much I was able to teach him.

My father was also a great collector of books. Over the years he invested in several high quality series. I am unable to take every one of his gardening books, but I am taking the ones that he designated for me.

As we have been cleaning out the house, I also came across a bunch of binders that were created by my great-grandmother. She was also an avid gardener and liked to create scrapbooks. She created dozens of scrapbooks about all kinds of flowers. My father always wanted me to have those as reference, too. But I just don't have space for them all. I feel like I am losing a bit of family heritage by leaving those behind. I also know that I will find a new part of the legacy as I continue my gardening exploits.

I also feel like I have a lost a lot of myself over these past several months, with so many significant losses in my family. I long to go home soon and to find myself again, by playing in my yard and digging in the dirt.


  1. I am always fascinated with the cycle of life. As you described, we learn from our parents, and then we teach our parents. Hopefully what we then have to teach our kids is a greater and more matured set of facts and insights which they will then develop even further and share back plus pass on to their kids! It's too bad you couldn't store the scrapbooks, but perhaps most of the info is cataloged internally by now.

  2. There is nothing quite like sticking your hands into the earth to ground yourself and reconnect with your soul. I wish you in your garden *hugs*

  3. It is always fun to discover treasures and surprises that you don't expect.


  4. Getting back to the simple, everyday pleasures really will help you to get centered again. Keeping you and yours in my prayers.

  5. I just finished reading the blog about your relationship with your mom and now I find this beautiful blog about your relationship with your dad. My dad had a talent for gardening. Unfortunately it didn't transfer to his oldest daughter (me). I'm allergic to bees, I can't tell the difference between a weed and a flower, and mosquitoes feast on me.

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