Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring gets buried....and I'm jealous of elementary children.

Living in Upstate NY feels like torture at this time of year. The weather has been getting warmer, and on Saturday, it was a little rainy. With all of the snow melting, I took some time to peruse the gardens. And lookie at what I found! Can you see all of the daffodils and tulips slowly pushing out of the ground?

I get so excited when I see a little growth. And while there is always some green that lingers year-round under the snow, it still felt good to see the little primroses and ivy geraniums poking through, also.

Though it was raining, I could still smell the fresh earth, and left for my day trip with a renewed sense of happiness. We got back to town really late last night. When I got home and went to bed, it was about 50 degrees outside, and I had visions of trying to go outside today to clean up the yard a bit.

Alas, I woke up to snow on the ground. There was about two inches of snow, with the promise of much more to come today. I have enjoyed the snow, and my newfound joy of hiking in it. But enough is enough already!

My students are ready for spring, also. On Friday, one of them asked me when we were going to start our plantings for the year. And, while doing reading to find articles for my Montessori Writer website, I came across this article about children at Countryside Montessori in Tampa, FL, who are already harvesting food from their school gardens.

I can already taste the vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh green beans. We went to Walmart to go shopping when we got back into town last night. They already had a bunch of bulbs and seeds on display. It took all of my self-restraint to not start buying them. Maybe in a couple of weeks? I'm sooooooo ready!

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  1. I loved reading this post. I love spring too and get excited when I see my plants emerging from the ground. My lilies have already bloomed and the blooms have died off :-). My loropetalum hedges have been flowering since about February. I can't wait for my other plants to start showing themselves. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my peonies will finally bloom this year. This is truly an exciting time for gardeners.